Reputation of Exchanges, what are your experiences?

There have been a lot of trust issues going on lately with exchanges for all cryptos, whether it be MtGox not fulfilling bank transfers to rumors that BTC-e is charging more on their transfers or not crediting money to accounts. MCxNow being notorious because of it’s creator, to it being a haven for scammers, or Cryptsy just flooded with useless alts, there are many other exchanges to check out as well.


Exchanges coming up in the game:
——————————————- – This exchange has been around for awhile, but not as popular, worth checking out. - An exchange that looks like it’s most likely going to be big, I’m definitely going to check this one out!


Currently, there aren’t many known exchanges that are new. The one’s I’ve listed above I have not yet used, and if you have a review on them, please comment below. If you know of another exchange, please comment below simply the link and if possible, a review. We need to inform the community of other trading platforms to become more decentralized. Any information is appreciated! This post will be updated as soon as possible. Thank you!

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